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Thankful for This Shelter

“My son and I had no place to live, so the Daniel Pitino Shelter gave me a place. I try to volunteer as much as possible to show them my appreciation for helping me. They provide everything I need. The staff is really great and respectful. I am very thankful for this shelter.”

Keeping the People Safe

”I have been volunteering at the Daniel Pitino Shelter since 2016. I love keeping the people safe and making new friends. It made a difference in my life helping others.”

Giving Back to the Shelter

“I’ve been volunteering for a year at the Daniel Pitino Shelter and it’s helped me with my food stamp case. I give back to the Pitino Shelter working in the kitchen, helping cook, and serving food to the public.”

A Safe Place to Be

“What the Daniel Pitino Shelter has done for me is provide a safe place to be and an opportunity to get back on my feet. In return, I volunteer and help others. I am thankful for a shelter that helps families and single women.”