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Housing for the Homeless

The Daniel Pitino Shelter provides emergency and transitional housing to those in need.

Need Shelter? Call Us

If you need shelter, please call the Daniel Pitino Shelter at 270-688-9000.

Transitional Program

The shelter’s purpose is to assist the homeless in the transition to permanent housing. The three goals of the transitional program are:

  1. To help participants obtain and remain in permanent housing.
  2. To help participants increase skills and / or income.
  3. To help participants achieve greater self-determination.

Emergency and transitional housing is available for up to two years inside the shelter for up to 65 residents at a time.  Additionally, four houses on Cedar Street serve as two year homes for some families who are transitioning out of the Shelter and into permanent housing. 

All residents are provided with a variety of Life Skills classes, under the direction of Case Management.


Eligibility Requirements: An individual or family who is living on the street or in an emergency shelter, or who would be living on the street or an emergency shelter without the assistance of the Emergency and / or Transitional Programs. Only single women and families are served. Single men are referred to a local men’s shelter. Homelessness is the only criterion for services. A person is considered homeless only when he/she resides in a place not meant for human habitation; such as cars, parks, abandoned buildings; is being evicted within a week from a private dwelling and lacks the resources to obtain alternate housing; or is being discharged from an institution such as a mental health facility or jail and lacks the resources to obtain housing.


Resident case files are maintained as confidential and shall not be shared with any person, unless there is a contractual or statuary requirement to do so. All resident files shall be maintained and stored in a safe, secure area within the shelter. Resident files are not to leave the premise. DPS staff will not confirm nor deny to a caller or visitor that a resident is in DPS. (Residents shall be informed during intake of the procedures regarding phone use, visitors, etc.). The identity of all residents of DPS will be guarded with utmost care. Residents are not to be discussed with anyone other than staff or an agency representative with a release of information.

Any Door KY & Coordinated Entry

Any Door KYCoordinated Entry is defined as a process to coordinate program participant intake, assessment, and provision of referrals. It covers the geographic area, is easily accessed by homeless individuals and families seeking housing and services, is well advertised, and involves a comprehensive and standardized assessment tool. In essence, Coordinated Entry is all about transitioning from a “first come, first served” standard operating procedure at the program level to a regional system of prioritizing the highest need households first. The Coordinated Entry System (CES), much like an ER waiting room, triages and prioritizes the most vulnerable households who have experienced literal homelessness the longest for limited Kentucky HUD funded housing resources.

Coordinated Entry is a system in which people experiencing homelessness may be connected to limited available housing resources and supportive services in their community. The Kentucky Balance of State Continuum of Care’s Any Door KY system is accessible to eligible individuals and families by visiting local homeless service providers and shelters around the state.

Are you eligible? You may be eligible for Any Door KY access if your primary nighttime residence is in an emergency shelter, a public or private place not meant for human habitation (such as a car, park, bus station, bridge over pass, etc.), or are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence.

Look for Any Door KY signs in your community – these organizations may be able to help!

You don’t need to be sober, you don’t need to have income and you don’t need to have a perfect background to access Any Door KY. We welcome anyone experiencing homelessness, through any door.

Nicky Hayden Apartments

“The Nicky Hayden Memorial Foundation was established when Nicky passed away in May 2017. Its mission is to honor Nicky’s legacy by continuing his acts of generosity and compassion to help others in need, especially children. Nicky dedicated his life to achieving his dreams, encouraging others to achieve theirs and always giving back to the community.”
– The Nicky Hayden Memorial Foundation