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Success Stories


Holly “I have lived at the Pitino Shelter for about a year. While there, I have obtained employment, started a savings account, and learned some valuable life skills that will help me when I obtain my own home.” -Holly

Chris & Nichole “After I lost my job, we lost everything. The Pitino Shelter helped us with dental work, clothing and fixing our car. I was able to obtain a job and begin rebuilding our life.” -Chris & Nichole  

Loretta “The Pitino Shelter offered me a safe place to stay while I work on earning my GED.” -Loretta

Amanda “As a single mother of three, I am sometimes overwhelmed with what to do. My Case Manager & the Childcare Coordinator help guide me to available resources in our community.” -Amanda

Mary “I am working on my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Thanks to the Pitino Shelter, I did not have to choose between paying my rent or paying my college tuition.” -Mary