Daniel Pitino Shelter receives funding from Kentucky Housing Corporation

The Daniel Pitino Shelter applied and was approved to receive funding though Kentucky Housing Corporation’s (KHC) 2017 Balance of State ESG funds in the amount of $58,232. The Daniel Pitono Shelter applied for the funding as part of its continued commitment to preventing and ending homelessness in Kentucky and will use the funds to help get women, children, and families…

Looking Forward

Ernest and his wife and son have lived at the Shelter for about a year. He is employed and the family is looking forward to moving into permanent housing later this year.

Getting Back on Their Feet

Ali and his family lived at the Shelter for several months while getting back on their feet. The family is now living in permanent housing and are doing great!

Support, Hope and Help

“My wife and I came to Kentucky with nothing. The Daniel Pitino Shelter has given us support, hope, and help. We give back by giving support, help, and learning to be better people.”

Preparing Us for Future Living

“The Pitino Shelter has helped us and continues to help us in many ways. They gave us a place to stay when we had no place to stay or go. They have been kind to us in many ways. They’re helping everyone interested in getting education, jobs, and preparing us for future living.”

Thankful for This Shelter

“My son and I had no place to live, so the Daniel Pitino Shelter gave me a place. I try to volunteer as much as possible to show them my appreciation for helping me. They provide everything I need. The staff is really great and respectful. I am very thankful for this shelter.”

Getting Our Lives Back Together

“My wife and I would like to thank the Pitino Shelter for all they have done for us and our family over the past 10 months. In Aug 2016, I went into a long term treatment facility and my family was put on the streets. My wife was put in the hospital for three weeks. When she…

Keeping the People Safe

”I have been volunteering at the Daniel Pitino Shelter since 2016. I love keeping the people safe and making new friends. It made a difference in my life helping others.”

Giving Back to the Shelter

“I’ve been volunteering for a year at the Daniel Pitino Shelter and it’s helped me with my food stamp case. I give back to the Pitino Shelter working in the kitchen, helping cook, and serving food to the public.”

A Safe Place to Be

“What the Daniel Pitino Shelter has done for me is provide a safe place to be and an opportunity to get back on my feet. In return, I volunteer and help others. I am thankful for a shelter that helps families and single women.”