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Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter Entry Process

If you need shelter, please call 270-688-9000. A staff member will speak with you and perform a Diversion over the phone. The Diversion will take 10-15 mins. When the Diversion is completed, you will be notified that a staff member will review the diversion and reach back out to you shortly.

When you are contacted by staff you will be notified if there is shelter space available. If space is available, we will set up a time and date for intake to come into shelter.

You will be notified as to what documents will be needed for you shelter intake (i.e., drivers license, social security card, birth certificates, marriage license)

Please bring these documents with you to your scheduled intake.

If you have any questions on the above stated process, please feel free to contact: Cheryl Moore, Programs Director, at 270-688-9000 or by email [email protected].

We accept single women, families, married couples with or without children, single men who have custody of their children.

Single men who do not have custody of there children will be referred to our local men’s shelter.