Meet The Untouchables

The 1996 Untouchable Cats in town to support Daniel Pitino Shelter

The Daniel Pitino Shelter for homeless families is hosting a night with “The Untouchables” Thursday, June 14th, to help raise money for families living at the Shelter, and to give local University of Kentucky Fans a chance to meet and talk with members of the famed 1996 NCAA Championship Team.

The Shelter will also honor the memory of Ben Hartz and Rick Kamuf that evening. Hartz, a founding board member of the Shelter, served for over 17 years. As a local contractor, Hartz handled all of the construction needs and continued to support the Shelter after his time on the board. Kamuf, a well known local farmer, was involved in local and national farming issues, and was a significant supporter of the Shelter.

A Fresh Start

"I hit bottom when, high on meth and alcohol, I caused a bad car accident. I went to jail and my children were taken from me. I wanted my kids back and knew this wasn’t the life I wanted, so the day after I got out of jail I came to the Pitino Shelter."

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