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Emergency and Transitional Housing

The shelter's purpose is to assist the homeless in the transition to permanent housing.

The three goals of the transitional program are:
1. To help participants obtain and remain in permanent housing.
2. To help participants increase skills and / or income.
3. To help participants achieve greater self determination.

Emergency and Transitional housing is available for up to two years. Residents are provided with a variety of LifeSkills classes, under the direction of Case Management.

Referral services are available.

The shelter has a residents council that addresses shared concerns and establishes expectations, codes of conduct, and rules for community living. This council discusses any matter involving residents and relates to the operation and maintenance of the facility as well as their comfort, security, and satisfaction. This council meets on a weekly basis.

Resident case files are maintained as confidential and shall not be shared with any person, unless there is a contractual or statuary requirement to do so. All resident files shall be maintained and stored in a safe, secure area within the shelter. Resident files are not to leave the premise. DPS staff will not confirm nor deny to a caller or visitor that a resident is in DPS. (Residents shall be informed during intake of the procedures regarding phone use visitors). The identity of all residents of DPS will be guarded with utmost care. Residents are not to be discussed with anyone other than staff or an agency representative with a release of information.



We have zero tolerance for violence, threats of violence, disrespect, weapons, drug / alcohol possession or use.


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